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Chief happiness officer training, placement, recruiting at your place or ours.

Bring more joy, purpose, compassion and gratitude to your organization every single day. Let us train your people on our proven techniques and see real results in your company.

UPCOMING CHO training and workshops


Upcoming CHO courses

November 10-13, 2018 
New York


December 5-10, 2018
Paris, France


What is a Chief Happiness Officer?

We use the term "CHO" to describe a person who fills modern society's deep need for happiness, and who is tasked with spreading well-being within an organization. Happiness is the key to just about everything, including successful business endeavors - and with the right tools and knowledge, you can reap incredible rewards.


Arnaud offers unique and effective happiness services for organizations seeking to instill and expand happiness in their culture. He's worked with over 3,000 employees worldwide and has seen incredible results in industries from Non-Profits to the Technology Industry. No organization is too large or too small for CHO consulting, and the benefits are truly life changing for employees and management alike.

Who is it for?

  • Business leaders, stakeholders and anyone who wants to see improved welfare and productivity in their organization

  • HR and communication employees

  • Consultants and contract workers tasked with ensuring well-being and productivity

  • Executive officers, managers and associates of organizations looking to foster teamwork and emotional intelligence


How does it work?

We can come to your organization and work with your people on site, or you can join us at one of our open classes. Our CHO trainings are currently offered in Aruba, Paris and NYC, but we are adding more locations all the time.


Our Chief Happiness Officer courses are aimed at Human Resources professionals, Communications Directors and the leaders of small and mid sized companies. We will teach you the techniques your people need to effectively spread the happy in your company and beyond. Used successfully in Japan, China and the USA, these methods are proven to increase productivity and creativity by up to 30% and do so quickly.



Previous courses and workshops include:

ei Technologies

DOC Opleidigen


More information on CHO work at ARNAUDCOLLERY.COM

Ready to get your organization started down a happier path?