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Speak with Passion! Public Speaking Workshop

Speak with Passion! 


How many times have you watched a presentation by someone who is, let's be honest, dull? The material may be interesting and important but you find yourself struggling to pay attention. In this workshop, we'll address the key reasons why you may appear to be dull and uninspired, then work on how to instill passion into your speaking and effectively get your message across.

You will be in a group setting with a maximum of 8 people to provide the most individualized attention. 


- Instill passion into speaking
- Learn to express yourself authentically
- Learn about timing, rhythm, and slowing down
- Using humor to enhance your message 
- Being present
- Connecting to the audience
- Engaging through storytelling
- How to minimize nervousness 

Instructor: Arnaud Collery, co-founder & curator, Stand Up for Passion 

Price: $250

Location: TBD (NYC)

Earlier Event: May 28
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