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A Transformational Journey | Leadership Retreat in Bhaktapur, Nepal

Everyone needs a break including leaders! Everyone needs to take a step back in life to prepare for the next chapter.  

Why do you need a break?

Most of us are on constant autopilot throughout our lives, never really setting a clear personal direction. Changes and life events happen, but we all have a longing to own and write the story of our lives. Yet it’s very hard to do because we get caught up in the whirlpool of life. We all need a break from the busy-ness of life where we can reach into our deeper self and hear our inner wisdom. We need to have a new outlook on the meaning of what we have accomplished so far, understand the chapters of our lives and how they fit into our life story. We do this work so we can write the next chapter of our lives in a more conscious way, with a new intent and new vision that is rich in our inner wisdom.

Why is rewriting your story important?

We all come to a point in life where we need to take some distance and perspective on what we have done so far. Time is essential. Otherwise we are not the writer of our story, someone else will write it for us until we decide that we want to do this.

How can we write a new story?

The environment we live in, surrounded by the familiar, is not conducive to real creativity and new insight. To tap into our inner wisdom, we need to be in a place that is charged with timeless energy, and be surrounded by people that have done the Work. We also need a safe place where we can be vulnerable, be open, and surrender to our own Truth.

Why Nepal and why Bhaktapur?

Bhaktapur was the ancient capital of Nepal. Bhaktapur means “The city of the devotees”. A devotee is a person who is very interested in and enthusiastic about someone or something. Here it’s time to be interested and enthusiastic about your own story! The city was built mainly in the XVth century, is in the neighborhood of Kathmandu (the actual capital of Nepal) and is culturally extremely rich due to it’s key location on the ancient trade routes between India and Tibet.


This is a NOT a theoretical retreat. We are into practical tools & action. Focusing on your transformation & your success. Interested in supporting you own growth taking into account your own skills, fears, perceived limitations, and your heart vision! Our 2 coaches are highly achieved professionals who have been specialized in helping people rewrite their story and help them going to the next step through coaching and ancient wisdom tools.  We were trained in theater, storytelling, coaching, creative leadership, meditation, transformational coaching, Reiki, and healing.

We also have strong business acumen, leadership skills in management & entrepreneurship and are consultants & advisors of numerous successful companies around the world. We are talking about the things we are living & breathing daily.

So YOU are going to do the REAL WORK, in a creative, fun & supportive setup, but we will hold you all the way in and out! We will divide the days in personal coaching, active questions that make you understand yourself better, your own milestones, reflection through guided meditation, writing powerful individual action plans, learning essential life tools, giving you quality time to write your new story with our help and having creative and inspiring moments fueled by Nepal energy and magic.

And the cherry on the cake? You will have free access to a top Osteopath and healer that will give you additional support during the week in Nepal

What is the goal of the retreat?

Our goal is that at the end of the week you have your own new story, a powerful inspiring tale, that uplift you & drive you, and a clear set of tools you can use with an action plan for the year to come.

KEY Takeaways

  • Learn timeless powerful life tools
  • Have an action plan for the days, weeks and months to come
  • Feeling rejuvenated
  • Feeling more confident & empowered again
  • Understand yourself better
  • A clear analysis & profound sense to ALL your past life milestones
  • Reframing of the meaning of your life
  • Sense of inner peace
  • Better understanding and confidence in your future
  • A solid group of fellow entrepreneurs and leaders that you can tap into

What do you get in addition to the 7 days retreat?

The price includes 6 hours of individual coaching by skype following the retreat in the following 6 months and one monthly group conference call.

What do you need and how can I prepare?

We will send you a short list of questions to prepare the retreat. But you just need to come with an open mind & heart, a willingness to go deep and revisit your past. You are ok to share your story to our coaches with the coaches and your co-participants in a safe and protected space.

The typical participant will be an executive or entrepreneur between 35 and 55 that wants to take the necessary time to go to the next step. They will certainly be an international crowd of French, American, Japanese since this is our network.

Who will be with you?

A small group. To keep the intimacy and the Work to be effective. 10 leaders like you coming from all around the world that have been selected for their unique stories and ability to connect. We only take people by referrals. The average age will be 40. Men and women.


The cost is $3300/person and includes lodging and healthy, vegetarian meals. Please note that it does not include airfare to Nepal. 

Who are we?

Arnaud Collery is the founder of Stand Up for Passion, a NY-based transformational storytelling event This event is becoming a movement in NYC and will be extended to Tokyo and Shanghai in September 2015. Every few weeks 7 leaders are chosen to share the story of their lives to transform and inspire an audience of 150 elite NYers. Arnaud casts and coaches himself each leader for a few weeks. He is an award winning filmmaker, comedian and the founder of a happiness agency. He is a recognized conference speaker on the subject of happiness, creativity and passion. He has certification in happiness leadership and has participated himself in numerous seminar on happiness, motivation and meaning of life. He lived in 6 differents countries. He is a graduate of and IESE business school.

Guillaume Gauthereau is a business leader, serial entrepreneur, and a social conscious activist. Guillaume was the CEO and co-founder of Totsy, where he successfully raised over $45M in financing, built a team of over 100 people, and became the 2nd largest US private sale website dedicated to moms and kids.  Prior to Totsy, Guillaume worked in several executive roles for luxury and retail brands (LVMH, Nestle, Colgate), including the distinction of being the youngest CEO for an international luxury retail company (Lalique). Guillaume is a partner in Jacqueline & Jerome, a line of super fresh vinaigrette, the founder of New York Bee Sanctuary and the Chairman of Sequoia Lab, where he advises companies with sustainable and socially responsible interests on growth and brand strategies. He also serves on numerous boards including Grameen Bank America, Friends of UNFPA, Slow Money NYC, Foodstand, NRDC NY Council, e2 Environmental Entrepreneurs, BrickHouse Security, GustOrganics, and Ayoka Productions.  Guillaume has received extensive recognition in the global media for his achievements, as well as numerous awards, including being named NYC Venture Fellow and a finalist for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012.  He teaches Meditation & Mindfulness to individuals and corporations. He has a PhD from the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Maisons-Alfort, Paris.


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