New York, London, Toronto, Casablanca, Sao Paolo, TOKYO, and beyond...

...everything starts with story.


Seven passionate speakers from all walks of life, on stage for seven electrifying minutes delivering infinite inspiration.

Founded by Arnaud Collery in 2014 in a small local co-working space, Stand Up For Passion's live event series has spread far beyond New York, to become a global laboratory for inspirational storytelling, focused on resilience, passion and leadership. These dynamic live events feature 7 leaders who take the stage for 7 memorable minutes to share their life's passions and their unique stories. Each program is followed by a Q&A and networking event, where speakers and attendees can mingle, connect to the community, and network with one another.

SUFP brings stories of entrepreneurship, spontaneous acts of kindness; tales of survival, changes in perspective, destiny, bravery, cowardice, and kismet; stories of loves (and loved ones) lost and found, of starting fresh, all around the central theme of identifying and then following a life's passion. Told by business people, authors, housewives, performance artists, competitive ambulance drivers and refugees, all kinds of people from all walks of life.

Our speakers have included Reema Saujani from Girls Who Code, a former aide to Mrs. Clinton, Premier NY Venture Capitalist Nihal Meta, World Adventurer Luc Hardy, Fintech genius Oliver Nguyen, Nepalese Actress Nisha Adhikari, Japan's number one sumo wrestler, Jonathan Hall from The United Nations, and many more.

The series has been mentioned in The Huffington Post, French BFM Business and more than 100 newspapers, often cited as an alternative to TED talks. 

Arnaud Collery not only curates the series, but he personally coaches each speaker to draw out the key elements in their story, and hosts each and every event. He leads a full week of coaching prior to every event, working intensively with each speaker to bring out the very best results, allowing them to be their best selves. It is this unique coaching process that sets the SUFP experience apart, resulting in incredibly impactful and engaging content which is different from anything else on earth. It is this mixture of passion and authenticity that has led schools in multiple countries to integrate SUFP videos into their leadership training programs. 

Sponsors have included Axa Insurance, NY's French Consulate, Danone, Loreal, BMW Tokyo, The Nepal center for Innovation, The Morocco Hyatt Regency, Nestle, Soho House Toronto, and many more, and SUFP's live events have gained a reputation for delivering electrifying and inspirational content in a unique way.

So far, 5,000 people have attended SUFP live events, and our goal is to bring our unique mix of inspiration and expression to 10,000 people in 100+ countries in the next 10 years. 

If you'd like to join us as speaker or sponsor, please...