“Arnaud made our wonderful island even more happy by letting us better understand the importance of Happiness in a very engaging and fun way during TEDxAruba 2015. On the road to TEDxAruba he coached some of the teams participating in the Happiness Hackathon on the beach; the results were amazing! ”

— Bianca Peters, Director, Bureau of Innovation, Ministry of General Affairs, Sustainable Development, Innovation and Science


“Your creative and dynamic approach have enabled us to strengthen the relationship and communication between all our team members with specific focus on trust and respect.
This unique experience has definitely boosted the confidence of the entire team and prepare them for future challenges.Thank you again for delivering a great experience.”

— Christophe Massoni, President, Cartier Latin America & Caribbean, LLC

“Arnaud energized the audience like we have never seen. He was interesting, funny and 100% of people had a great experience”

— Alanoud Al Thani, Representative, World Economic Forum Global Shapers MENA Qatar Chapter


“Arnaud did a really great job coaching some of the speakers for La French Touch Conférence. He succeeded on giving our speakers ready for an Elite NY audience.”

— Gael Duval, President, French Touch Conference

“We were lucky to host a Happiness session with Arnaud. He helped us to know more about each other despite being working together as a group for years. He triggered individuals to reveal their hidden talents. ”

— Rita Khairallah, Director of Human Resources, Silatech


“Our 1-day Happiness Workshop with Arnaud Collery was a wonderful experience. We had the opportunity to reflect around the topic in a very innovative way. It was deeply human. Using improv theater tools, deep dialog, reflection, and the power of vulnerability and generosity. No power points, just living the experience in a practical way, learning by doing, and connecting with each other with humility and gratitude. 
I really recommend it.”

— Claudia Valladares, Young Presidents' Organization - Chapter Venezuela

“Arnaud Collery is not just a leader, he is not just a visionary, he is not just another entrepreneur in the world trying to figure out his next amazing project; Arnaud Collery, above everything else, is a creator. I’ve never witness someone with such an intense passion to create. His passion to create transcends culture, geography, nationality, and demographics. His international resume speaks for itself. His desire to create life-changing events and experiences all around the globe is beyond explosive and digs deep into the true meaning behind everyone’s deepest desire, which is to experience true success & happiness. I’ve had the privilege to participate in multiple of Arnaud’s creations and witness for myself the power and passion he brings into everything he creates. It is truly an honor to call Mr. Collery my friend, my coach, and my mentor and when it is time to create my life story there’s not another person in this entire world that I will trust more than him. ”

— Goldin Martinez, Founder of GetFocused.org


“I was blown away by the experience of StandUp4Passsion. I have done business presentations for what seems like forever, and am told I am not too bad at that. But these presentations are never about me, and always about a topic I master. I was therefore intrigued when Arnaud invited me to present at StandUp4Passion, and the whole experience was incredible! It took me around 10 hours of work - with the constant guidance of the gracious but demanding Arnaud - to give birth to the 7-minute presentation. And in the process, I learnt much about me, much more than I would have ever expected. I was very fortunate to benefit from the coaching of Arnaud, and at the same time really enjoyed the other presentations - well done StandUp4Passion, come back soon to London!”

— Huy Nguyen Trieu, CEO of The Disruptive Group

“Arnaud extensively coached me for my Stand Up for Passion speech. He has an incredible attention to detail, is very in tune with picking up individual speakers’ strengths, areas that can benefit from improvement - and like no other is able to inspire speakers to push to limits that didn’t seem possible before. He does so by communicating clearly how much he believes in every speaker he takes on. I’ve never met anyone who can craft stories like he can - in a way that gets the audience sitting at the edge of their seats. His methods instill long-term change and have massively positively impacted so many parts of my life far beyond my public speaking skills. Working with Arnaud has opened so many doors for me, has made me a happier, more successful person - and I am very grateful to him for this.”

— Gesche Haas, Founder of Dreamers // Doers, Trailblazer Ventures


“Arnaud has a unique ability to support and encourage people to synthesize and communicate their stories. His talent for utilizing humor, honesty and passion to pull out of people their true voices so the world can hear is truly astonding. My 7 minute speech he helped me construct was much more powerful and engaging because of Arnaud. Anyone who wants their authenticity to shine and engage others in their work, must work with Arnaud. ”

Anne Koller, Corporate Wellness Trainer // Developing holistic cultures and leadership

“Arnaud did an excellent coaching me for Public Speaking. His sense of trusting one’s story and inspiring others with what is deeply personal makes so much sense now. His years as an actor/director and comedian made him to best choice.”

— Mathieu Nouzareth, CEO, FreshPlanet Inc.


"One of his many inspirational platforms, Stand up for Passion, is a testament to the power of Arnaud’s passion to inspire others to take action in their own lives. 

I had the opportunity to be mentored and coached by Arnaud for his 5th Annual Stand up for Passion event. His dedication and strategic insights into public speaking, storytelling and inspiring an audience towards happiness was transformative. His innate ability to create happiness in any environment makes him a powerful independent leader of change today. I highly recommend Arnaud for the work he does so effortlessly as a happiness consultant, coach, mentor and advocate of bringing inspirational change, not only to the workplace, but to individual’s lives. Arnaud has the innate ability and passion for making a real difference in the world today and I am lucky to have been part of it. Arnaud’s skills in coaching, public speaking, story-telling and collaborating with others to co-create meaningful events is exceptional. I would highly recommend him as a Happiness consultant, change agent, coach and mentor.”

Donnalynn Civello, CCHC, AADP, Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Inspirational Blogger, Author of "Life Lessons" & Speaker

“Arnaud is a very perceptive business coach. As an executive client, his understanding of personality typing, happiness/emotional objectives, and career fit was extremely helpful. He’s full of bold ideas and working with him added great preparation. Arnaud will challenge you to think about your life, a valuable experience. Arnaud is like an industrial psychologist for the tech age. ”

— Lance Krieger, General Partner, Pretty Brook Advisory


“Arnaud coached me to tell my story to an audience of hundreds at Stand Up For Passion. He helped me effectively structure my speech and bring out the emphasis needed to engage the crowd. Arnaud accurately assessed the audience so my speech was 100% on point. In addition, he hosts the event to foster a room full of support and positivity.”

Diane Passage, Empowerment Coach, Life Coach

“Arnaud’s Stand Up For Passion brings great people together at meaningful events. He pushed me to find a deeper more exposed story beyond my TEDx talks. He moves toward the personal edge. ”

— Soness Stevens, Head Speaker Coach at TEDxKyoto