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How to be a CHO - NYC
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How to be a CHO - NYC

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MasterClass: Be a Chief Happiness + Heart Officer (CHO squared!)

Do you want to change your work culture and environment to be:

  • Open and friendly

  • Purpose driven

  • Engaging

  • More productive!

Join two CHOs pioneering the way in the field of happiness-at-work. Learn how to be work-culture changemakers!

When: March 9, 2019

Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Healthy lunch included.

Limited spots available.

We will cover:

- Building a heart based corporate culture & values
- What is the ROI of Happiness?
- Personal Storytelling
- Mindfulness and Gratitude in the workplace
- EQ over IQ with a nod to Positive Psychology
- Chief Heart Officer role vs Chief Happiness Officer
- Principles of a CHO
- Coaching in the workplace
- Finding your Purpose & Career Architecting
- Leaning in on Improvisation and Joy
- Do Technology & Happiness work together?
- What are the obstacles to happiness?

Arnaud Collery is a Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of Stand Up For Passion, a global inspiration agency. Arnaud’s personal mission is to make the world a more purpose-driven and meaningful place. He is a pioneer on happiness in the workplace – using passion to accelerate purpose, and therefore accelerate joy and productivity. Stand Up For Passion produces live events across the world as well as offering workshops, seminars, and retreats. Arnaud curates the speakers for all Stand Up For Passion events, while also personally training and coaching the speakers to find their story and give their best performance.

Claude Silver is a Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia. She held senior leadership posts at both J. Walter Thompson and Publicis. In both positions, she steered development of brand strategies, agency partnerships, product teams, media, sales, and internal management.

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